New Artist – Miramare

Miramare is a music producer and audio engineer (Dip) based in Hamburg, Germany. His work goes way beyond producing and releasing Lo-fi HipHop:

With the musical roots being in the realm of jazz music, Miramare began playing the keys and drums in the age of six years. In the course of years he started recording and resampling himself and began producing his first hiphop beats that were highly influented by names like „J Dilla“ and „Nujabes“. In late adolescence, he started working with german multi-platinum music producers, became member of the „Raw Suppliers“ beatcollective and composed music for video games and TV.

Studying audio engineering got him even more interested in the complexity of sound, which made him a fulltime audio nerd. Miramare is a cosmopolitan and young adult who loves losing himself in endless conversations about music and sound.


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