Ignite your blue

About – This time, we had the chance to compose a brand song for Toyo Tires, one of the world’s biggest automotive wheel distributors. Join this ride and get accelerated fast by this huge classic rock opera. Credits – […]

Arthur Baum – Showreel

About – We’re happy to announce that our artist THRSHR has composed a song for the new showreel of Arthur Baum – DoP / Filmeditor / Motion Designer / Virtual Producer. Get a deeper impression of his work over at […]

Genesis G70

About – Responsiveness and sovereignty on the road? This is what the G70 can do for you. And as a real sports sedan, it also offers the Sport + mode. Try it out and see how the G70 flexes its muscles – Whether for improved […]

Masel Tov Cocktail

About – Dima is 16 and the son of Russian immigrants. He is a high school student and he is a Jew. That wouldn’t be worth mentioning if everyone wasn’t talking about it all the time. So did his classmate Tobi, who […]

Ronal – 50 years

About – The RONAL GROUP is one of the leading manufacturers of light alloy wheels for all well-known automobile manufacturers worldwide – and has been for 50 years. The secret of their success is the passion with which the more than 8 […]

New Artist – Miramare

Miramare is a music producer and audio engineer (Dip) based in Hamburg, Germany. His work goes way beyond producing and releasing Lo-fi HipHop: With the musical roots being in the realm of jazz music, Miramare began playing the keys and […]

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