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Music Licensing has never been easier. Use our songs for individual tasks or as an all around solution for your entire project. We can be your consultant or service provider, supporting you through each step of your project, from planning to standardized mixing and mastering.

Good Sound

matters most to us

Sound Design

Sound brings images to life. But only the right kind of sound will produce immersion. From background to foreground, every layer has its role and tells a story through its sound. Usually, it takes the sum of a multitude of finely tuned elements to create the desired effect.

We can develop a sound environment for your project that will add vigor and energy to your images. Working at our own discretion or following your instructions, we will create a backdrop and fill it with acoustic details. And where conventional and conceptiual approaches are not enough, we are not afraid to reinvent the occasional wheel for you. Just ask us!


Music leads. It forms the basis of how the sound of your project is perceived. Pitch, rhythm and tempo always have an influence on the emotional experience of each listener, be it subtle or obvious. Very different moods can be set with the same imagery, depending entirely on your choice of music.

We compose and produce music tailored to your requirements: individual soundtracks, musical sets or loops for your project. Take your audience by the hand and lead them on a journey through the world you have built. Tell us your wishes and ideas, and we will create your ideal soundtrack together.


Combining different audio elements often brings undesired side effects with it. Audibility of individual elements may suffer or be lost entirely while interfering frequencies can add up and become unpleasantly loud.

We can remove these side effects for you and tidy up your recordings. Working with all common multi-channel systems, we will balance out volume levels and remove destructive interference effects, enhancing and emphasising your desired sound characteristics. Apart from mastering, we can also take care of an upmix for your project.

Apart from short and feature length films, our core business lies in sound production for corporate, commercial and social spots, with a special focus on sound design and music. Good sound is what matters most to us, because both in the studio and between people, setting the right tone is everything. Have a look at our list of award-winning references, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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