New Artist – Miramare

Miramare is a music producer and audio engineer (Dip) based in Hamburg, Germany. His work goes way beyond producing and releasing Lo-fi HipHop: With the musical roots being in the realm of jazz music, Miramare began playing the keys and drums in the age of […]

Signature x TESK ~ Wake Up

Harboring the creativity of both artists, TESK being an illustrator as well as a musician and Signature being a talented rapper and a song writer. When they get together only good things happen. Specially while jamming, they express themselves freely and come […]

New Artist – SCayos

SCayos is a pianist, music producer and composer. He started producing after listening to other music producers in seventh grade. Shortly after starting producing, his focus went on composition and piano as he knew the fundamentals would help me produce […]


New Artist – KSET

An architect of the contemporary Wild West, American musician KSET composes cinematic trap in the dusty hills of San Francisco. His music is worldly, warm, introspective and reminiscent of Portishead, Emancipator, and Ennio Morricone. KSET makes memory music. […]


New Artist – TESK

After an incredible year, three critically acclaimed releases and cumulating more than 10 million streams, TESK is ready to take you on another musical journey. His music is struck around spaced-out beat science and soulful keys and is guaranteed to be the […]

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