Renault – Megane RS

About – Built to conquer every corner thanks to #4Control. Whatever the challenge, the Sport or Race chassis will push your limits with more control. Learn more about the car in this feature commercial. We had the chance to deliver […]

Renault Megane RS

Audi TT RS

About – Strength? Speed? Endurance? What does it take to be a true champion? Meet our new hero, the Audi TT RS, and two time Ironman winner 2017 + 2018 Patrick Lange and find out. Our team had the chance to deliver an energetic […]

Audi TT RS

Mitsubishi – Triton

About – Besser Welt als Nie tells the story of Dennis Kailing, who set off on a bicycle at the age of 24 to discover the world for himself. What exactly was meant by “world”, he himself did not know exactly. But something […]

Mitsubishi Triton

Mercedes Benz – AMG

About – Some things in life cannot be taught by others, you have to experience them yourself. The year is 1979, a man is working on his Mercedes-Benz Roadster, as his young son approaches him and asks him: “How does it feel to drive a […]

mercedes benz - amg

Akrapovič – BMW M5

About – Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Akrapovič high-performance exhaust systems as you embark on an epic drive with BMW M5 and the Akrapovič exhaust system! It’s all about performance, power, sound, passion and des […]

bmw - m5

Audi RS – Performance

About – We’re happy to announce that we’ve placed a song for the new Audi RS commercial in China. A highly energetic production by @boris-merfeld emphasizes the thrill of this ride ~ get you seatbelts locked! Credits […]

Audi - RS

Lexus – LS-500H

We’re proud to announce that the new commercial for the Lexus LS-500H was released. This time, we hade the chance to deliver four productions by @boris-merfeld depicting the four elements ~ wind, water, earth and fire. We also took c […]

Lexus - LS-500H

Mitsubishi – Triton Orange

About – Last month, we took care of the sounddesign, music composition and mixing for the new mitsubishi motors malaysia triton commercial together with five55production. Dive into a colorful world strengthened by a highly energetic […]

mitsubishi - triton orange

Two Races, One Heartbeat

About – Passion is the source of all progress, and when many people share such a passion, unimagined forces are become free. Years of experience, cutting edge technology, attention to detail and a common love for cinematic audio is […]

Honda - Two Races, One Heartbeat
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