Renault – Megane RS

About – Built to conquer every corner thanks to #4Control. Whatever the challenge, the Sport or Race chassis will push your limits with more control. Learn more about the car in this feature commercial. We had the chance to deliver […]

Renault Megane RS

Audi TT RS

About – Strength? Speed? Endurance? What does it take to be a true champion? Meet our new hero, the Audi TT RS, and two time Ironman winner 2017 + 2018 Patrick Lange and find out. Our team had the chance to deliver an energetic […]

Audi TT RS

Mitsubishi – Triton

About – Besser Welt als Nie tells the story of Dennis Kailing, who set off on a bicycle at the age of 24 to discover the world for himself. What exactly was meant by “world”, he himself did not know exactly. But something […]

Mitsubishi Triton

Mercedes Benz – AMG

About – Some things in life cannot be taught by others, you have to experience them yourself. The year is 1979, a man is working on his Mercedes-Benz Roadster, as his young son approaches him and asks him: “How does it feel to drive a […]

mercedes benz - amg

Akrapovič – BMW M5

About – Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Akrapovič high-performance exhaust systems as you embark on an epic drive with BMW M5 and the Akrapovič exhaust system! It’s all about performance, power, sound, passion and des […]

bmw - m5

Santa’s Little Helpers

About – Midst of the night, an unidentified flying object from the North Pole arrives at Frankfurt Airport. The employees of Fraport AG give everything to get the plane back into the air. We’d the opportunity to deliver a score […]

fraport - santa's little helpers

Audi RS – Performance

About – We’re happy to announce that we’ve placed a song for the new Audi RS commercial in China. A highly energetic production by @boris-merfeld emphasizes the thrill of this ride ~ get you seatbelts locked! Credits […]

Audi - RS

Lexus – LS-500H

We’re proud to announce that the new commercial for the Lexus LS-500H was released. This time, we hade the chance to deliver four productions by @boris-merfeld depicting the four elements ~ wind, water, earth and fire. We also took c […]

Lexus - LS-500H

Mitsubishi – Triton Orange

About – Last month, we took care of the sounddesign, music composition and mixing for the new mitsubishi motors malaysia triton commercial together with five55production. Dive into a colorful world strengthened by a highly energetic […]

mitsubishi - triton orange

Horrible Prospects

About – The darkness of a cave tends to stir up our imagination and often induces the fear of the unknown. Monsters and wraiths seem to lurk in the dark corners. Are these mythical creatures really the things we should be afraid of? […]

horrible prospects
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