Masel Tov Cocktail

About – Dima is 16 and the son of Russian immigrants. He is a high school student and he is a Jew. That wouldn’t be worth mentioning if everyone wasn’t talking about it all the time. So did his classmate Tobi, who provoked him with a bad […]

Besser Welt als Nie

About – Besser Welt als Nie tells the story of Dennis Kailing, who set off on a bicycle at the age of 24 to discover the world for himself. What exactly was meant by “world”, he himself did not know exactly. But something would be out there […]

Besser Welt als Nie


About – Borga is a German-Ghanaian feature film by York-Fabian Raabe from 2021. The drama focuses on a young Ghanaian (portrayed by Eugene Boateng) who grows up near the electronic waste dump in Agbogbloshie and hopes for a new, prosperous life in […]


Grey Hat

About – An IT-student wants to break into a big database. While he improves his skills, the Hackercrew rises and they attack a dubious Pharma-Company. Caused by his euphoria the lack of social interactions is getting bigger. After his hackermates […]

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