!aouo !a!a wa

About – „!aouo !a!a wa“ – meaning „The Stumbling Cheetah“ in traditional San Bushmen language – tells the origin story of the fastest animal on land and interweaves it with the difficult situation today, in which these big cats are considered a pest by m […]


New Artist – Miramare

Miramare is a music producer and audio engineer (Dip) based in Hamburg, Germany. His work goes way beyond producing and releasing Lo-fi HipHop: With the musical roots being in the realm of jazz music, Miramare began playing the keys and drums in the age of […]

Besser Welt als Nie

About – Besser Welt als Nie tells the story of Dennis Kailing, who set off on a bicycle at the age of 24 to discover the world for himself. What exactly was meant by “world”, he himself did not know exactly. But something would be out there […]

Besser Welt als Nie

New Artist – SCayos

SCayos is a pianist, music producer and composer. He started producing after listening to other music producers in seventh grade. Shortly after starting producing, his focus went on composition and piano as he knew the fundamentals would help me produce […]


Horrible Prospects

About – The darkness of a cave tends to stir up our imagination and often induces the fear of the unknown. Monsters and wraiths seem to lurk in the dark corners. Are these mythical creatures really the things we should be afraid of? Credits – […]

horrible prospects
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